Customer Service Reps in China: Average Salary and Job Description

Customer Service Rep in China - Average Salary and JD - TeamedUp China

So we’ve got a wealth of data on the ever-so-important role of Customer Service Rep in China… And by wealth, I mean over 1.6 million job data points!

Our data today come from two of the largest Chinese Job Boards. That’s BOSS Zhipin (BOSS直聘) and Zhilian Zhaopin (智联招聘).

These large platforms seem to have the most relevant and abundant data points when it comes to the modern Chinese job markets. In this case, we’ve listed salary info for over 1.6 million recent job reference points. We’ll be sure to include the number of data points we have for each statistic we pull out. We’ll also be updating this annually to keep up with the newest salary data out there – this data was last checked on March 2024.

So let’s dive into some neat data on Customer Service Representatives in China! First we’ll look at a standard Job Description, then on to average salary data coverage.

The Most Common Responsibilities on a Chinese Customer Service Rep Job Description

According to our data set – the Customer Service Representative JD most often has these responsibilities associated with it in China. These are based on actual job listings and are not auto-generated.


Job Responsibilities:

1. Answer technical calls of various brands, be able to answer customers promptly and accurately according to the knowledge base, and provide standard services to customers.

2. Quickly grasp the company’s new policies and new businesses. During the telephone service process, actively promote the company’s new products to encourage customers to be willing to use the company’s products.

3. Accept business applications and customer complaint phone numbers, accurately record the content of the complaints, and generate electronic work orders for businesses that require assistance from other positions and transfer them to the backend team.

4. Assist in organizing training materials within the group and coaching junior customer representatives. Participate in various trainings to improve overall quality. Participate in various team activities and support team building.

5. For questions or information that are not in the database, record the content of the question and submit it to the assistant manager on duty for transfer to the business team. Collect mobile business information timely and accurately, work hard to learn mobile business knowledge, assist in collecting customer demand information, and put forward suggestions for improvement of service work.

6. Use multiple channels (such as phone calls, text messages, emails, etc.) to communicate with customers to achieve service or sales purposes.

7. Handle user consultations and complaints, report user obstacles and dispatch orders, and summarize and feedback users’ suggestions and opinions.

8. Fill in the shift diary carefully and hand over unfinished and unsolved problems to the next shift.

9. Maintain good communication with various departments.

10. Frequently check the operation of the computer and report for repair and troubleshooting in a timely manner.

Average Salary Data on Customer Service Reps in China

Customer Service Representative

Nationwide in China, March 2024

Average Salary: ¥6,434 RMB ($894 USD) per month

Median Salary: ¥6,465 RMB ($898 USD) per month

Job Data Points: 1,621,712

Customer Service Rep in China - Average Salary in 2024 - TeamedUp China

In a sample size of 1,621,712 jobs, the average salary for a Customer Service Rep in China was ¥6,434 RMB per month. The median salary from this set was ¥6,465 RMB per month. 

This is a nationwide data set and it’s important to note that different cities in China command different levels of compensation. For more on that, check out our breakdown of average Chinese salaries by city

It’s also important to note that the salaries used are self-reported much like Glassdoor and are most often verified (real ID) users. 

We also like to point out that salary data from local job sites is mostly for Chinese-speaking positions. Customer Service job salaries in China with English or other foreign language requirements are usually at least higher than the median. 

More Salary Data on Customer Service Reps in China!

Recruitment Salary Distribution for Customer Service Reps in China

Customer Service Rep in China - Salary Rank by City - TeamedUp China

This chart takes the same data points and distributes by City in China. It’s no surprise to see most of China’s large business hubs – Shanghai, Hongkong, Hangzhou, etc – at the top. The cost of living in these cities is higher and the competition for great talent is centered around these megacities.

Educational Distribution of Customer Service Reps in China

Customer Service Rep in China - Educational Requirements - TeamedUp China

Here we’ve got a distribution of the education requirements for positions across China.

53.8% of positions do not require a formal degree or certificate. On the other end, only 2.2% of jobs in the data set required a University undergraduate degree or above. This is another important point to consider when hiring for customer service.

Experience Distribution of Customer Service Representatives in China

Customer Service Rep in China - Experience Requirements - TeamedUp China

And here we have a breakdown of the experience required for Customer Service positions.

83.6% of jobs listed have no specific experience requirements. Way down in second place with 8.9% was 1-3 years of experience required. Only 0.6% of jobs required 3+ years of experience. 

It is, however, important to note that these requirements are the ones advertised by companies on BOSS Zhipin’s platform. We don’t have the data to extract exactly how closely hiring managers stick to these requirements when assessing candidates. Simply put – jobs listing no experience requirements may, in reality, only consider candidates with some experience. 

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