Highest Paying Job Sectors in China – Local Data 2023

Zhilian Zhaopin, one of China’s biggest job portals, has recently released data on average monthly salaries in China. It’s important to note that the data reflects recruited salaries, or the publicly listed salary information that companies advertise on the Zhaopin platform. This article breaks down the highest-paying industries in China as well as the fastest-growing wages in China by sector. Let’s dive in!

Highest Paying Sectors in China, Country-wide

Salary ranking for Internet industry drops; Large Salary Gap in Energy & Aerospace Industries
Table: Highest Paying Job Sectors in China
Table: Highest Paying Job Sectors in China (translated)

Coming in at #1 is the fund/securities/futures/investment industry, with an average salary reaching ¥13,737 RMB ($1,912 USD)/month in Q2 2023.

The average salary level of other financial industries such as banking at ¥11,841 RMB ($1,648 USD)/month and insurance at ¥11,269 RMB ($1,568 USD)/month also ranked high.

As expected, technology-related industries also fared well here. The electronic technology/semiconductor/integrated circuit industry ranked second, with an average recruitment salary of  ¥12,175 RMB ($1,694 USD)/month. Also in the top ten are computer software, IT services, and computer hardware. 

In the Internet & e-commerce industry, the average recruitment salary was ¥10,705 RMB ($1,490 USD)/month. This is a year-on-year decrease of 4% and drops the sector’s ranking out of the top 10, to 16th.

Another insight to pull out of this is from two of the top industries: energy/minerals/mining and aviation/aerospace. The average salary of these industries ranks high, but the median salary ranks relatively low – showing that a small number of high-paying jobs drive the overall average salary of the industries. 

Fastest Growing Wages in China by Industry

Biopharmaceutical companies increase investment in research and development, leading to a year-on-year increase of over 5%
Chart: Fastest Growing Wages in China by Sector
Chart: Fastest Growing Wages in China by Sector (translated)

The average salary in the electronic technology/semiconductor/integrated circuit industry has continued to rise, with a year-on-year increase of 5.9%.

Against the backdrop of an aging population, China’s residents’ demand for medical and medical services is increasing. This demand has led the way for supportive national policies and increased investment in research and development. 

Recruitment salaries in industries such as industrial automation, high-tech manufacturing, and new energy continued to rise, with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 3% in the second quarter.

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