Highest Paying Jobs in China – Local Data 2023

Zhilian Zhaopin, one of China’s biggest job portals, has recently released data on average monthly salaries in China. It’s important to note that the data reflects recruited salaries or the publicly listed salary information that companies advertise on the Zhaopin platform. For this entry, we’re going to dive into the highest-paying jobs in China. Let’s go!

Highest Paying Jobs in China, Country-wide

Chip Engineers top the list, earning an average monthly salary of ¥26,000 RMB ($3,617 USD)/month.
Table: Highest Paying Jobs in China

Chip Engineers continue to be the highest-paying occupation, earning an average of ¥26,000 RMB ($3,617 USD)/month. 

Next up are Senior Managers and Artificial Intelligence Engineers – earning an average of ¥22,739 RMB ($3,164 USD)/month and ¥21,701 RMB ($3,019 USD)/month respectively.

Rounding out the top 10 are:

4) Investment/Finance Managers – ¥16,899 RMB ($2,351 USD)/month

5) Software Developers¥16,891 RMB ($2,351 USD)/month

6) Communications & Hardware R&D Professionals – ¥16,507 RMB ($2,230 USD)/month

7) Mobile R&D Professionals – ¥15,646 RMB ($2,177 USD)/month

8) Automotive Electronics Engineers – ¥15,437 RMB ($2,147 USD)/month

9) Securities Brokers – ¥14,498 RMB ($2,017 USD)/month

10) Data Engineers – ¥14,318 RMB ($1,992 USD)/month

Other takeaways:

  • Many technical positions such as software R&D, hardware R&D, mobile R&D, and data engineers have seen their salaries drop compared with last year, but they are still high-paying occupations.
  • Since the pandemic restrictions have been lifted, the public’s reliance on online consumption and entertainment has decreased. Thus, the demand and salary of related positions have notably declined.

Fastest Growing Salaries in China by Position

The wages of Service Consumption positions such as tourism, catering, fitness, and beauty rose significantly compared with the same period last year
Chart: China Fastest Growing Salaries

The above graph displays the year-on-year growth rate of salaries by job type. The biggest trend here is the retail service sector demand growing as pandemic policies and environment have simmered over the past year.

From the top, the fastest-growing salaries in China by occupation type:

  1. Travel Services
  2. Sports & Fitness
  3. Business Consulting
  4. Banking & Financial Services
  5. Food & Catering Services
  6. Health & Beauty
  7. Doctor & Pharmacist
  8. Housekeeping & Maintenance
  9. Retail
  10. Clerk/Assistant

The overall recruitment salary of Travel Service positions increased by 8.6% compared with the same period last year. Smaller divisions of Travel Services such as travel planning, tour guides, and visa specialists have increased by more than 10% year-on-year.

Other high-growth salaries in the consumer service sector include food service jobs (the recruitment salaries of chefs, bartenders, bakers, and other food service positions have increased significantly), sports & fitness jobs, health & beauty jobs, and retail associate jobs. 

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