How to Hire in China Without a Headhunter

Hire in China Without a Headhunter - TeamedUp China

Headhunters, they can be a great way to find talent and employ a tried and true model to help companies hire.

…But they may not be the right solution for many companies and roles.

Today we’ll look at alternatives to headhunters in China – including popular job search and networking platforms, and our own solution that has a unique set of benefits.

Other Options When Hiring in China

The internet is different, the job platforms are different, the landscape is (you guessed it) different!

A main point to understand when hiring in China is that the jobs and networking platforms are quite unique to the rest of the world.

Even global giants like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, and ZipRecruiter do not really operate in the Middle Kingdom.

Here’s our closer look at LinkedIn’s life cycle in China: LinkedIn Has Left China. Here Are The Apps Chinese Users Will Shift To.

Option 1: Chinese Job Platforms

There are a considerable number of Chinese job boards similar to the likes of the international ones mentioned above. They are all quite unique and have varying value propositions. 

We’ve spent a WHOLE BUNCH of time diving into each of these, so – please see our guides on these major platforms as your curiosity sees fit!

Here they are, listed alphabetically: 

51job (前程无忧): A Look at the Leading Chinese Job Site (58同城): China’s Largest Classifieds Site and Much More

BOSS Zhipin (BOSS直聘): The Most Active Job Portal in China

Ganji (赶集网): A Look at the Giant Chinese Classifieds Platform

Lagou (拉勾): The Jobs Portal Focused on China’s Tech Talent

Liepin 猎聘: China’s Leading High-End Talent Platform

Maimai (脉脉): The Closest Thing to LinkedIn in China

Zhilian Zhaopin (智联招聘): An Overview of the Chinese Job Platform


Option 2: Social & Professional Networks

Outside of job platforms, social networks have become a much more popular place for professional networking and job information. According to data from 51job, this is especially true for younger generations of job seekers in China. Once again, the big global social media players are either not available or widely used in China.

Some of China’s biggest social networks include the (super-app) Wechat, Douyin (Tiktok), Weibo, Red (XiaoHongShu), and the LinkedIn-esque Maimai

When sourcing candidates from Social Media, classified sites, and even personal networks – it’s important to qualify every hopeful job seeker and stick to a vetting process. 

Option 3: A Candidate Sourcing Service

Well, we’d be remiss if we didn’t put our own offering in here!

At TeamedUp China, we help companies promote their positions across the major Chinese job platforms, actively filter for and recruit suitable candidates, and send clients weekly bundles of relevant & interested candidates.

…All for about the same price as posting a job on LinkedIn or Indeed. 

Here’s a look at some of our clients and the roles we’ve helped them hire for recently: Our Success Stories.

Candidate Sourcing Pro Service: Post Jobs across leading Chinese platforms, by TeamedUp China
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