Liepin 猎聘: China’s Leading High-End Talent Platform

Company Introduction

Liepin is a prominent Chinese HR (Human Resources) company that has made significant strides in the executive and professional recruitment sector. Founded in 2011, Liepin has established itself as a leading platform in the Chinese job market, catering specifically to high-level talent and top-tier professionals.

With its comprehensive range of services, Liepin aims to bridge the gap between qualified candidates and esteemed employers, facilitating successful matches that drive career growth and organizational success. 

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A Focus on High-end and Top-Tier Talent

Liepin primarily targets the executive and professional job market in China. The company focuses on connecting high-level talent and top-tier professionals with leading employers across various industries. Liepin’s services cater to individuals seeking executive-level positions, specialized professionals, and those with significant work experience.

Liepin’s platform and resources are designed to address the unique needs and career aspirations of this target market. By offering tailored job opportunities, executive resume creation tools, career guidance, and networking features, Liepin aims to facilitate successful matches between qualified candidates and esteemed employers in the executive and professional segments.

This specialized approach distinguishes it from general job recruitment platforms and positions it as a leading player in the executive and professional recruitment space in China.

Liepin's Historic Highlights

Here is a history of the organization broken down in to some key milestones:

2011: Liepin’s Founding

Liepin was founded in 2011 as an online platform dedicated to executive and professional recruitment. From the start, the company aimed to provide a specialized service for connecting top-level talent with job opportunities in China.

2014: Changed domain name from Lietou to Liepin

In January 2014, the domain name of was changed from (猎头), a name synonymous with headhunting, to (猎聘). This domain name change signifies that it will serve more professional managers and enterprises in addition to serving the headhunting industry.

2017: Acquisition of ChinaHR

Liepin acquired ChinaHR, another major Chinese job site, in 2017. This acquisition helped Liepin expand its user base, increase its market share, and further diversify its offerings in the recruitment industry.

2018: Collaboration with Tsinghua University

Liepin collaborated with Tsinghua University in 2018 to establish the Liepin-Tsinghua Talent Research Center. This collaboration aimed to conduct research on talent development, recruitment trends, and market insights to better serve the needs of job seekers and employers.

2018: Listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Wise Talent Information Technology, the parent company of Chinese executive headhunting platform, joined the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June 2018.

2019: Launch of AI-Driven Solutions

Liepin introduced artificial intelligence (AI)-driven solutions to its platform in 2019. These AI technologies enhanced the matching process between job seekers and employers, improving efficiency and accuracy in the recruitment process.

2020: Tongdao Liepin Group

In June 2020, the parent entity was renamed “Tongdao Liepin Group” to express the company’s strategy of more diversified human resources services.

Liepin goes public in Hong Kong
Liepin goes public in Hong Kong under the name 'Wise Talent Information Technology Co., Ltd.'

What Liepin Offers

The company offers a range of services and features tailored to executive and professional recruitment. Here is a detailed breakdown of the services provided, along with their functions, use cases, and the users who benefit:

Job Search and Application

Function: Liepin enables job seekers to search for executive and professional job opportunities in various industries and locations.

Use Cases: Job seekers can explore a wide range of positions, access detailed job descriptions, and apply for relevant roles directly through the platform.

Users: Job seekers looking for executive or professional-level positions benefit from the extensive job listings and efficient application process provided by Liepin.

Executive Resume Creation and Management

Function: Liepin offers tools for creating and managing executive resumes, allowing job seekers to showcase their skills, experiences, and achievements effectively.

Use Cases: Job seekers can create professional resumes, highlight their key strengths, and tailor them to specific job applications. They can also store and update their resumes for future use.

Users: Job seekers aiming to present their executive-level qualifications and experiences in a comprehensive and professional manner benefit from Liepin’s resume creation and management tools.

Career Guidance and Development

Function: Liepin provides career resources, including articles, guides, and industry insights, to support professional growth and development.

Use Cases: Job seekers can access career advice, interview tips, networking strategies, and industry trends to enhance their job search and career progression.

Users: Job seekers seeking guidance, insights, and tools to navigate their career paths and make informed decisions benefit from Liepin’s career development resources.

Employer Branding and Recruitment Solutions

Function: Liepin offers employer branding and recruitment solutions to companies and organizations, helping them attract and hire top executive talent.

Use Cases: Employers can leverage Liepin’s platform to showcase their company culture, promote job opportunities, and engage with potential candidates. They can also access tools for candidate screening and evaluation.

Users: Employers seeking to recruit executive-level professionals and build their employer brand benefit from Liepin’s employer-focused solutions.

Networking and Professional Connections

Function: Liepin facilitates networking and professional connections through its platform, allowing users to connect with industry peers and expand their professional network.

Use Cases: Job seekers can connect with professionals in their industry, join relevant groups, and participate in industry-specific discussions to enhance their networking and collaboration opportunities.

Users: Job seekers and professionals looking to expand their professional network, connect with industry experts, and explore collaboration opportunities benefit from Liepin’s networking features.

Liepin Advertisement
Liepin Advertisement Example

Liepin's Advantages and Differentiators

The Chinese HR company distinguishes itself from its major competitors through several key factors:

Focus on Executive and Professional Recruitment

Liepin specializes in executive and professional recruitment, catering to high-level talent and top-tier professionals. This focus allows Liepin to provide targeted services and resources tailored to the unique needs of this segment, including exclusive job opportunities, executive resume creation tools, and career guidance specific to executive-level positions.

Advanced Technology and AI Capabilities

Liepin leverages advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics, to enhance the recruitment process. The company’s AI algorithms help match candidates with relevant job openings, improving efficiency and precision in candidate selection. By utilizing technology-driven solutions, Liepin offers a competitive edge in identifying the most suitable talent for employers and providing personalized recommendations to job seekers.

Strong Industry Partnerships

Liepin has cultivated strategic partnerships with leading organizations, educational institutions, and industry experts. These collaborations enable Liepin to access exclusive networks, industry insights, and market trends, resulting in enhanced recruitment opportunities for both job seekers and employers. The company’s partnerships contribute to its credibility, reputation, and ability to attract high-quality job listings and candidates.

Extensive Employer Branding Solutions

Liepin offers comprehensive employer branding solutions, allowing companies to showcase their unique value proposition and attract top talent. Through its platform, employers can create attractive company profiles, highlight corporate culture, and engage with potential candidates. This emphasis on employer branding enhances the recruitment process and helps companies stand out in a competitive market.

Rich Data and Insights

Liepin gathers extensive data on job market trends, candidate profiles, and industry developments. This data-driven approach enables the company to provide valuable insights to employers, helping them make informed recruitment decisions and develop effective talent acquisition strategies. Job seekers also benefit from access to market insights, salary information, and career guidance to make well-informed career choices.

Wealth of Industry Experience

Liepin’s long-standing presence in the Chinese HR industry has allowed it to build expertise, credibility, and a strong reputation. The company’s experience and deep understanding of the Chinese job market give it an edge in providing tailored solutions and services that meet the unique needs of both job seekers and employers.

Growth Snapshot

Liepin’s growth since launching in 2011 has been impressive and consistent. Since going public in 2018, the company has publicly filed key figures on its growth. Here are a few of those highlights:

Annual Revenues reached RMB824.7 million (US$115,7 million) in 2017 after only 6 years of business! From 2017-2022  the company more than tripled its revenue, reaching RMB2,637.9 million (US$370.1 million).

Liepin Revenue Growth

Total Individual Users reached 83.5 million by 2022. 

Verified Business Users grew to 1,129,568 by the end of 2022.

Verified Headhunter Users grew to 211,772 by the end of 2022.

Liepin User Growth Table
Liepin User Growth Chart

How to Use Liepin

For Job-seekers

Job seekers can sign up on Liepin for free via their mobile app or website. Once signed up, users can:

  • Register: Start by creating an account on the Liepin platform. You may need to provide your email address, contact information, and other relevant details.

  • Create a Profile: After registration, complete your profile by adding essential information such as your education, work experience, skills, and any other relevant details. A well-structured profile increases visibility and attracts potential employers.

  • Search for Jobs: Utilize Liepin’s search function to explore executive and professional job opportunities. Specify search criteria, including industry, location, job title, and other relevant factors, to narrow down the results. Browse through the available job listings to find positions that match your qualifications and career goals.

  • Apply for Positions: Once you find a suitable job opening, review the job description, requirements, and application instructions carefully. Prepare a tailored resume and cover letter highlighting your relevant skills and experiences. Submit your application directly through the Liepin platform, following the specified application procedure.

  • Network: Leverage Liepin’s networking features to expand your professional connections. Connect with industry peers, join relevant groups, and participate in discussions to enhance your network and gain insights. Networking can open doors to potential job opportunities and industry-related information.

  • Utilize Career Resources: Take advantage of Liepin’s career resources, including articles, guides, and industry insights. Access career advice, interview tips, and strategies for professional development. Stay updated on market trends, industry news, and salary information to make informed career decisions.

For Companies & Recruiters

To sign up as a company or recruiter, organizations will need a Chinese entity registered.

Once a business account is created, companies and headhunters can use these functions:

Company Profile Creation: Employers can create a company profile on Liepin to showcase their organization, mission, and culture. Provide detailed information about the company, its values, and work environment to attract top talent.

Job Posting: Employers can post job openings on Liepin to reach a targeted audience of executive and professional job seekers. Specify job requirements, responsibilities, and qualifications to attract relevant candidates.

Candidate Screening and Evaluation: Liepin offers tools to screen and evaluate candidates efficiently. Employers can review candidate profiles, resumes, and other relevant information to shortlist potential candidates for further evaluation.

Employer Branding: Employers can leverage Liepin’s employer branding solutions to enhance their reputation and attract high-quality candidates. Highlight the company’s unique selling points, showcase success stories, and engage with potential candidates to build a strong employer brand.


In summary, Liepin offers an array of innovative tools, including job search capabilities, executive resume creation, career guidance resources, and employer branding solutions.

A focus on executive and professional recruitment, advanced technology, strategic partnerships, employer branding solutions, data-driven insights, and industry experience contribute to its differentiation and position as a leading player in the market.

By leveraging advanced technologies and market insights, Liepin has been able to create a dynamic ecosystem that benefits both job seekers and employers.  

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