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TeamedUp Recruiting Pros can discuss your hiring goals, the current jobs landscape in China, and even favorite noodle spots in Shanghai!

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1 Month Candidate Sourcing Service

We offer discounts when buying multiple positions together as it helps us forecast and build longer, mutually valuable partnerships.

1 Position: $649 USD or ¥4,650 RMB.

2 Positions: $599 USD or ¥4,300 RMB per role (8% saved)

5 Positions: $549 USD or ¥3,950 RMB per role (16.7% saved)

10 Positions: $499 USD or ¥3,600 RMB per role (26.1% saved)

Once purchased, position credits can be used anytime for future roles. Let us know whenever you’re ready to hire again, and we’re on it. Since 2014.

Did you know?

International job platforms are used by just a small percentage of job seekers in China. 

Even the mighty LinkedIn officially left China in 2023.[1]

...Domestic platforms dominate the market.

The top 5 job sites in China have an average of over 150 million users and 20 million monthly active users each.[2]

Sounds like a lot of great China-based talent if you ask us! But the good ones are hard to find…

That's where we come in.

For about the price of a 30-day post on LinkedIn or Indeed, our Recruiting Pros:

Promote your open positions
across these powerful networks & platforms.
Hunt down the best talent in China
using AI tools to filter for matching profiles, human pros to actively recruit across platforms + our own database.
Screen matching candidates
to make sure they've actively applied, match the job requirements, and don't raise red flags.

New here? Get 26% off your first job post.

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