1 Month Candidate Sourcing Service

We offer discounts when buying multiple positions together as it helps us forecast and build longer, mutually valuable partnerships.

1 Position: $649 USD or ¥4,650 RMB.

2 Positions: $599 USD or ¥4,300 RMB per role (8% saved)

5 Positions: $549 USD or ¥3,950 RMB per role (16.7% saved)

10 Positions: $499 USD or ¥3,600 RMB per role (26.1% saved)

Once purchased, position credits can be used anytime for future roles. Let us know whenever you’re ready to hire again, and we’re on it. Since 2014.

Job Submitted Successfully

We’re excited to help simplify your hiring process in China, and will be in touch soon to confirm details and get started!

If you’d like to post multiple jobs, we’ll confirm that with you too. In that case, a reminder that our discounts start at just two jobs:

June offer: 26% off your first job with us!

Feel free to contact us at any time if you missed something or have further questions:

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